Cat 56

Well, it’s been a while, but we’re back.

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend).


Day 8, Part 15

Piled Up 『Love』

I wiped off the drops of water on my body, and changed into my sleep-wear.

Even though I shouldn’t be able to understand Mina the way I could understand everything through her tail when she was a cat, inside Mina’s heart, I knew she was restless.

Surely, it’s because I’m also the same. After all I want to be spoiled by Mina, be pampered by her.

I want to do a lot of things that only 『Lovers』 can do. These kinds of feelings easily connect to one another, so we can’t help but fall into our own little world.

Our gazes overlapped, and before I knew it, the distance between us had shrunk.

For a moment, our lips connected, and my head felt like it became full of fluff.

「Looks like, we kissed again.」

「We already got out of the bath, it should be fine now… probably.」

Our smiles naturally overflowed, and we gently embraced each other.

Like I thought, it’s sweet, it’s tender. Mina’s warmth, it’s melting my heart.

Just like always, we finished preparing for bed, and then went to our room. Through our fingers that had naturally become tied together, I could feel the warmth of our bodies, like we were melting into each other.

We returned to our room, and sat on the bed like that. Naturally, we faced each other, lightly embracing with our arms, feeling one another.

「No more, I don’t need to endure it anymore, right…?」

That impatient voice, it made me realize I couldn’t endure it anymore either.

「Yeah… let’s kiss each other, a whole lot, okay?」

The moment my words ended, I was assailed by the sensation of Mina’s lips.

As if Mina and I were melting together, a wet sound resounded, and in an instant, our bodies heated up.

The sound of our breaths without composure, despite calming down, the heart throbbing fragrance of her skin, and most of all, the sweet taste of our kisses, I love it all.

After all, something like this, that you can’t tell to anyone else, you’d want to do it with your most 『Special』 person.

It’s as if my hesitation from the first time my lips connected with Mina’s was a lie.

chu, fu, …kuchu, nnchu……, nnhaa…!」

Our breaths, our heartbeats rose together, my body felt like it was about to break, so I reflexively separated my lips.

Fuu, haa, …that was really, we really did it a lot…」

Hm, yeah, …」

Unable to gather any more strength, I lied down on the bed together with Mina.

Melting with one another, it’s as if our hearts, our bodies, are being mixed into one. And that, I can’t help but love.

「Minaa… I love you…」

Bringing our bodies together, we touched lips. It’s painful inside my chest, so much that it hurts. These fierce, hot feelings are overflowing from my body.

「Kasumii… I love you…」

As if reciprocating, Mina also said it.

Falling in love, it’s painful, it hurts, but it’s so sweet that even that is precious.

My heart melted by Mina, once again, wants to be deeply tied to her.

「Hey, let’s do it one more time? …… 」

Before I could hear the reply to my question, my lips stopped as they were about to touch. At the distance were our lips almost seemed to overlap, I hesitated a bit.

But, that was unnecessary. …Because Mina, she allowed our lips to touch after all.

chu, …juru, pichu, nnyu, haankuu……

It’s too rich, for just the two of us, this time of sweet, good feelings.

I wanted to continue forever and ever, but my body, it just couldn’t handle anymore, so although it was regrettable, we separated.

Mina’s rough breathing, while feeling it gradually calm down, I slowly taste the lingering memory.

「Kasumii… that really, really made my heart beat…」

「It really did, Minaa…」

My feverish body, it’s irritating getting it under the blanket. But like that, just like we always sleep, we brought our bodies together and closely embraced each other.

Searching for the alarm clock with one hand, when I switched the light on, 30 minutes had already passed since the date had changed.

As I sobered up from the afterglow, I was slowly lured into sleep. Mina’s heat wasn’t enough, so I covered us with a blanket.

「Goodnight, Mina.」

「Yeah, goodnight.」

Within the warmth of our closely embracing bodies, towards Mina’s face that was already close, I drew near until our eyelashes touched, and closed my eyes as a conditioned reflex.

Our lips connected, and my eyes remained shut, as they grew heavy just like that.

Chapter 56 END

Author: The 8th day has finally come to an end. I wonder if it was a bit too long…

9: phew, it’s been a while since I felt this thirsty couple’s Yuri aura. It sure is overflowing like usual.


Goddess bless you all!

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