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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend).


Author: It’s finally the 9th day. It’s been a long journey.

Day 9, Part 1

Conveying Heart


chu chu, I felt something soft touch my lips. From that warmth, I was woken up.

The one who would do that, there’s no one besides Mina. With a sleepy voice, I tried calling out her name.


「Hm, …Mina?」

「Kasumi, you’re up already? Good morning…」


The light flowing in shined on her white skin. Mina’s face was so beautiful that I felt I would fall in love all over again. Seeing it up close, it was just a little red.

Me too, I also kissed Mina while she slept, didn’t I? Like that, I looked through my memories as if recalling the distant past. The time when my love was nothing but painful, now I think that it might have been necessary. So that right now, I can be happy together with Mina.


「Jeez, of course I would notice, if you kissed me.」

「Hehe, I see…」


Between the two of us, it feels like there’s a sweet atmosphere flowing around.

As if time had stopped just for us, we were still embracing each other the way we had before sleeping, and if we were to move even just a little closer, our lips would end up touching.

After rising, in my mind that isn’t yet fully awake, the feeling of 『Love』 overflows, …and that tiny distance, in the blink of an eye, disappeared.


「You kissed me again…」

「uwu… sorry」


While I was sleeping, kissing me without my permission, is that what she’s talking about?

「It’s fine. I, kissing you, I love it…」

While saying it, I became incredibly embarrassed, and my words grew quieter towards the end.

My face became hot, and I buried it in Mina’s chest.


「Jeez, Kasumi… you’re so cute.」


The hands that had been embracing me, and the feeling of my cheeks being wrapped by them. My hot cheeks, grew even hotter.


「Hey, can you look at me?」

「uwu… It’s embarrassing…」

「You can’t?」


If I look towards Mina, I already know what will happen to me. And the words she’ll say after too, and that sweet voice too, I can easily imagine them …even so, my body aches for it.

I released the strength in my body, and entrusted myself to Mina. And slowly, Mina’s face descended. Her soft, sweet expression.


「Fufu… your face is bright red.」

「D-don’t say it…」

「…but, I also love it when you’re like this, you know?」


I was taken aback by those serious words, and my eyes became wide. But, in the next moment, Mina’s face became defenseless, like when we kiss.

In a panic, I closed my eyes, and at the same time, Mina’s lips touched mine.

It was only for an instant, just a simple kiss, but for some reason my chest tightened up. Even though we’ve done so much more than this.


「You love it, right? This kind of thing… Me too, I love it too, you know?」


Naturally connecting once more, my heart was melted.

Even though it’s still morning, we’ve kissed so much that I lost count. I’m sure that, for the both of us, overlapping our lips is the most familiar way of conveying our 『love』. And I wonder, is that feeling become even bigger and bigger?


「We really need to get up already …and today, school is over for the week.」

「Yeah, you’re right.」


I really should get up soon. I reluctantly endure the feeling of wanting to be pampered by Mina even more.

But even after leaving the blanket, the warmth of Mina’s hands kindly kept me warm.

As if conveying to me just how much she thinks of and values me. While melting from that gentle warmth, we went down towards the living room.

Chapter 57 END

Author: Flirting right since the morning, so high level.

9: Yuri level is over 9000!?


Remember to always take your daily dose of Yuri.

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