9: Hey, I’m still alive

Meow. Hello its me 9, the founder of this translation group

Straight to the point, do you want chapters?

If yes, say so in the comments.

but here’s the catch, they are unedited, if you are in my discord you may have been able to read those chapters already, (or someone might have leaked those chapters to another site). my editors disappeared on me, well, they are not at fault if you think about it.
I have mostly left the the other members in charge of the other members. Being a leader is not really for someone lazy as me, managing people is something I have somewhat given up on especially on voluntary stuff like this, and moreover I have become socially awkward or whatever you call it, basically having no confidence in everything, this post should have already been posted many months ago, but i just lack the resolve or lazy. I have been trying to change myself ever since i tried translating, well, i did change somewhat, its sometimes for the worse and sometimes for the better. and having RL problems isn’t making it really that better.

Anyway if you want an excuse from me why I’m not releasing chapters.
Its this https://youtu.be/7FHQFtI9u-I

I have been working on it since last year and took a few months as a break and then started working on it again. I wrote the story, drew all the stuff, the music and sfx are things i looked for in the internet and bucket helped me out with the editing, honestly i’m not even sure if its ready to be shared, its a work in progress after all. honestly one of my plans was to ask the original authors permission to use their story and make a vn out of it(once tried to make a vn out of JLY) but because of my social problems i couldn’t muster the courage to.

Anyway, if you want to help with editing tell me, though I have trust issues I’ll try to be a leader. If you want to help out with my project then tell me what you can do (really need help with the music).

Also right now, I’m just leaving things to momentum, I’m a broken man.

that’s all for now, i think?, do i have to say something else?

oh right

Maddy said hi


  1. I would help edit stuff, but I don’t know any other languages. One of the few things I would be able to do would be to make grammatically correct sentences. However, the original meaning or intentions may be slightly off, depending on the circumstance.

    But it is nice to see you’re back. I’ve been missing the guilty pleasure reading of Cat.


  2. Please keep translating, i need my Trident chapters. Sorry, i can’t help, but best of luck with translating and your project!


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