9: As you might have noticed….

YAY new design
You might not notice it but, I am having a break every Wed (gmt+9)
Check the words above this check out the recent news regarding lazy 9

TLDR: i post chapters, my english sucks, i picked a new wn

9: As you might have noticed, I have posted the remaining chapters of tridente in the site in which Maddy didn’t post back then, though that was the right choice, cause those chapters was a mess with time stamps and stuff, so I had to manually delete those (and also I fixed the cat chapters that had time stamp like this too)

9: and yeah, once again, as you might have noticed, the english sucks, if you weren’t paying attention to my previous posts, all our editors disappeared and stuff ( read this for a bit more detail https://9ethtranslations.wordpress.com/2020/03/04/9-hey-im-still-alive/) ,though because of this I don’t have to hold back anymore, if anyone is here from chat, then they should know my TL speed, its that I could do a chapter per day, the reason that they are not posted right away was that I had to wait for the editors to do their job which takes like 1 day to forever. Well, yeah, soon enough, I’ll be releasing chapters

9: and another one, I’ll be putting Tridente in hiatus for now, kinda thought of dropping it but, kinda changed my mind for a bit. My reason was that the previous arc was kinda stressing for me to translate because of the story and i don’t want to be stress more in my situation. though if people want to read more of it, be sure to show it by commenting it. And with tridente down. I have decided to pick a new wn, Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming (click here for more details -> https://9ethtranslations.wordpress.com/blunt-type-ogre-girls-way-to-live-streaming/) , I have already done some chapters, if you come to discord then you might have already read them, though needs a bit of cleaning before they are posted here.

once again TLDR: i post chapters, my english sucks, i picked a new wn

9: btw I drew image

9: and yeah, about my vn project, still working on it behind the scenes

edit 9: also fixed up the links in the wn pages


    1. 9: I’m not the one translating 4jk anymore, as for Tridente, hope that someone either continues it or if there are enough demand, I’ll consider translating it again

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    1. 9: its not that I hate Tridente, its just that right now I am easily stressed and being stressed destroys my motivation to translate, though I don’t mind if someone else picks off where I left, but if no one does I’ll consider continuing it once I deal with my stress problem


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