Cat 60

Since you all wanted it so bad. I put a little effort into cleaning it slightly

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9: Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

CAT 0060

Difference Day 9, Part 4

rawr: =======================================


Comparing the first time we met, my distance between me and Mina had gotten way more closer


Even though we were just a cat and her owner, and before i noticed it we were thinking of each other as very important existence with one another, and right now we are this what you call 『Lovers』, the most important, becoming someone i couldn’t ever part with….in the coming future, would we become much more closer?


While I was thinking about it, the distance towards the school had become closer.




「Kasumi, what were we going to do at P.E again?」




「Today is soccer they say, I don’t really like it…..」(9: it says soccer in the raws)
「eeh? you don’t like it that much?」
“I like moving my body though, said Miina, the part that she was cat might have something to do with it but, now that I think about it now, we are different in that part.


「after all, its cold, you get tired, and even if I kick the ball it won’t fly at all, and my feet will hurt….」


I have a lot to say about it and its limitless so I just said 「Anyway, its just really bothering」to forcefully end it.


「waaa… its that much…」


Miina who was disheartened, In hurry I added, 「Though i think I’m the only one who thinks of that」


Me who has no reflexes at all, and Mina who was a cat that loving taking walks, and played around in the room,. No matter how much time we pile up, this part of us are totally different.


When we are talking of such things, we have arrived at the school in a blink of an eye.


Hanging my bag beside the desk, we warmed out hands at the heater.


Even if Miina warms it up, the moment that I felt the heat of the heater my hands were so cold that I felt some pain.


「Our hands are really red…..」
「We should have really wore some gloves….」


Miina’s hands too, it had gotten cold the same as mine, I felt deeply that we couldn’t really just warm it up with just our feelings.


The bells signaling the start of the homeroom ran, and we hurried to our seats. The good part about seating beside each other is that we could hold each other’s arm, warming each other up, while the teacher hasn’t arrived yet.


……as i thought, holding hands while walking, i don’t think i can stop it.


I can’t help it, just feeling the warmth of Miina’s warmth, I become happy, and my heart just starts beating fast.


The teacher for the class came, and we reluctantly separated out hands. before the roll call ends, I finished the preparation for the first period.


after all, the time I can feel Miina, I want to make it last longer.


And that is, even though we haven’t exchanged words, it was the same for Miina. When the discussion had ended, the moment we left the classroom, we once again held each other’s hands.
Even though Me and Miina are different, still the feeling of 『love』we have is the same.


Even just thinking about those words, there I was with my heart just getting excited


Cat chapter 60 


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