Cat 63

We’re all caught up to 9’s TLs(More Tridente that’s a pain to copy from discord)
you’ll have to beg him to keep up since he’s really lost motivation as of lately.

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend) CAT 0063 To be connected Day 9, Part 7 rawr: =======================================
Miina sure is amazing. Different from me, when the match started I wasn’t sure what to do and was just spacing out on the our side, She was moving around a lot, and tries to take the opponent’s ball.
Even when she was a cat too, like with a ball or a green foxtail, chasing around moving things, which might have been the remnants of when she was a cat but, with the same female body, being about to move like that makes me quite envious.
Coincidently the ball rolled towards me, and when I kicked it with my all as what Miina taught me, it connected up to Miina, and the depths of my heart brightened up.
Even though I didn’t really like this that much, but because of Miina, for just a little but, I came to like it. The days I’m with her, making it this much enjoyable, my cheeks softened up.
Maybe because I was thinking of that. The opponent came towards me and i unconsciously tried chasing them as they passed through me, and because of that my feet tangled up and fell over.
My hands hurt too but, there wasn’t any graze. however my right knee was numb with pain.
As i can’t stand up, I sat down as i hold my right knee. Miina came over looking worried as she looked at me.
「Are you alright!?」
「u-um, well…」
when I was saying that, Miina turned up the cuff of my left foot, and stared at my knee.
At where the pain was coming from, there was a bit of blood leaking out.
And right there, Miina’s face came closer.
「What are you doi-..」
Before I finished saying it, Miina’s warmth, I could already feel it on the skin where my wound is.
Rather than the pain of the wound, my heart was throbbing, and my mind was in panic. My wound is…being licked… to me.. by Miina.
「Disinfecting….is already done so, get some band-aid from the infirmary okay」
Miina’s face too also reddened up, I’m sure that, its not from her running continuously or that its cold.
Me too, I went to the Infirmary while avoiding to have her see my blushing cheeks with my wounded leg.
When I knocked the door to the infirmary, my gaze met with the school nurse. Before Miina and I became lovers, the one who said this love is not bad, and the person who gave my back a push.
「What’s the matter?」
「During P.E, I hurt my leg….」
「Ok, I understand, then show me your leg」
Earlier Miina licked it, maybe I should have washed it. Would she notice it?
However, to the opposite of my worries, she looked at my wound, and before I knew the treatment was done.
She get hot water from the faucet, and washed the wound with it, and after that she put band-aid on it.
「If its this much then, this should heal up next week, becareful now okay」
「T-thank you very much」
And when I was about to go out, I remembered, I still haven’t told her that when she gave me a push to the back, that I have become lovers with Miina.
「Now that I think about it, how is it going with Miina-chan?」
Those words coming out of her, I was a bit surprised. Is she also curious about it, about us?
「u-ummm….I confessed, and now we are going out」
I wonder why, it feel like having a marriage interview. However, our relationship being connected, it might have been thanks to her.
「That’s great, congratulations…..become happy okay」
Her voice as she said it, it sounded a bit lonely.
…..maybe, She too, she might also had the same worries. That’s why she gave my back a push.
「I will, thank you very much」
「well, its alright」
however, I couldn’t make myself to ask her. Since it felt like I shouldn’t ask.
After bowing down once more, i left the infirmary. when I went to the courtyard, the class was already about to end.
Miina chasing the ball looked a bit cool. Thinking “I hope i could see more”, I guess this what you would call the weakness of falling in love.
「Okaeri (Welcome back), Kasumi」
「T-tadaima(I-I’m back)….i guess?」
While being confused by Miina’s words, I helped with tidying up the grounds, and P.E ended.
Since it will be the 6th period after this, there were a lot of students that kept wearing their jersey, so after finishing there was a bit of space in the changing room.
In the sparse shadow of the crowd, even though no one else took notice of us, for some reason I end up looking at Miina.
And it looks like it was the same for Miina,….the approaching lips, for a moment they connected.
Even though we did it always when we’re alone in a room, but is school, kissing where there are people, it felt like we were doing something bad, and my heart was beating faster than usual.
Not being able to say anything, just feeling that we were both changing clothes, we returned to the class room together.
Author: on day 5 part 2, the school nurse appeared. honestly I wanted her to appear again so I put it in. And at the same time I also wanted to put the cliche of licking wounds. Since she was once a cat she doesn’t really have any resistance to do it so I kinda wanted to show it off.
Cat chapter 63
9: I love the fact that the school nurse might have been gay though through the reaction it looks like it was unrequited which is kinda sad.
9: and yeah I really love the licking part.


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