Cat 64


Cat 64

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

CAT 0064

Hidden Heart

Day 9, Part 8



Since we returned to the classroom, Mina said something to me. 


「I’m getting sleepy…..If I fall asleep, wake me up okay?」




Even though Miina had become human, she still stays carefree like her cat days, so I guess there are still some things that still stayed the same.  

As of right now, I have noticed things I didn’t notice about Miina, I wonder why, my heart is beating fast.


As if I was trying to test that feeling, the chime for the class had rung, I panicked and took out my book and notes for the class. 

After a while since the class started, looking beside me, Miina was already sleeping.  she was down on her desk, and her sleeping face was looking towards my way. 

Even though we have always been by each other, I don’t really see her sleeping face that much. I brushed away her hair, and took a peek on her sleeping face.


sleeping soundly, she is slowly breathing, a defenseless looking Miina. 

I wonder what I should say about this……it’s really cute, that I want to keep looking at it. 

But, I have to wake her up. Though there are others that was sleeping other than Miina……..this cute face of hers, I kinda don’t want anyone else looking at it.


This is probably what you call 『Jealousy』. For this feeling to be, inside myself, my heart skipped a beat.  

Even though I could always see Miina’s face at any time. If I was to wake up before the alarm  then, from much more closer right now, I would be able to see her face. Being 『in love』 sure is mysterious and I can’t help it. 

Lightly tapping her back, I could see Miina’s eyelid opening.




「Morning, geez sleeping already, I was surprised you know」


「ehehe, sorry」


Exchanging words that only the two of us know, we brought back out attention to the lesson. 

Today she slept but, normally Miina is a diligent girl……I should also do my best. 

Maybe I was thinking that we are together? the chime rang earlier than I had expected. 

The homeroom period had ended in a blink of an eye, and going on, we went on our way back home.


「Tomorrow, it’s a day-off isn’t it」


「I’m looking forward to it a bit…..I wonder what I should do?」


Being mixed with the noise of the classroom, we also felt we were a bit festive.


「let’s talk about it when we are back home, at that place we could talk without interruptions」


「you’re right…..let’s quickly go home」


Going out from the entrance , the cold air came on us. 

Our hands naturally grasp each other, and pressed against each other that our shoulders touched each other. 

Even though it’s this cold, just being with Miina is enough to feel warm. 

The path towards our house has gotten much more enjoyable.

「Tadaima~(We’re back~)」


「Ara , okaeri (oh my, welcome back)」


Exchanging greetings, we went to our room. 

Turning on the heater, we changed clothes together and sat on the bed. 

Our eyes glanced at each other, and after that our bodies knew what was going to happen. Our embracing arms are as tender when we kiss. 

Until the air in the rooms warms up, I warm up with Miina with our connecting lips. 


Author: now then, I need to prepare for the flag at the 10th day 


Cat chapter 64 end

9: damn, didn’t think they would get it on that quickly

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