Cat 65


Cat 65

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

CAT 0065

Indulging Bodies

Day 9, Part 9


(9: oh damn, day 9 and part 9, the 9s!!!!!)


Author:  since it’s already been 9 days since their story started so I think they should start thinking about this 


Before the heat from the heater warmed up the room, our bodies had gotten hotter first from the kiss we exchanged. 

Parting our lips from each other, my body lost its strength and naturally leaned against Miina’s body.


「Wow, it really got hot….」


「yeah, it really is」


but, even that heat, I’ve come to love it. I might have indulged myself in Miina to that point. 

Changing our clothes together, I once again brought up what we talked about at school.


「I wonder what should we do tomorrow?」


「Let’s see…」


Honestly, If I am with Miina, I don’t care whatever it will be. But, …… different from usual, I thought of wanting something that 『lovers』do. 

However, I still don’t have the courage to say it. but, I remembered something.


「I want to go where Miina takes her walks, together I guess」


When we were under the umbrella, I said it. And also, the part where she easily agreed to it. 


「Now that I think about, we talked about it didn’t we….but, with just that won’t it be boring?」


ah, I see,…. what she meant by just that, as a 『date』 it’s a bit lacking….however, for her to say that, does going out together with me something she is looking forward to? 

Thinking about such things, my mind felt like it’s about to melt. 


「Let’s see….., how about the movies?」

If we are talking about dates then I guess it’s movies? During my first date with my previous boyfriend, it was the cinema. 


「hmmmm……wasn’t there something that everyone was talking about?」


The title that Miina muttered, I felt like i have always heard about it


「don’t you want to watch it together?」


「i don’t really know much about these kind of thing….」


That’s right, just a few days ago, Miina wa still a cat.  『Our』time together felt so long , including the time when Miina became human, It felt like it had already happened a long time ago after all.


「But, If i’m with Kasumi then, I’m fine with it…」


I wonder why, Miina’s eyes as she said it, it was a bit wet. 

And those words, it made my heart beat fast. 「If we’re together then」, Miina won’t say those words if I wasn’t 『special』 to her after all.


「Then, are we going with it?」




My first date  with Miina. 

It was finally decided, everything my mind was thinking about was blown away. And the only thing left was my really hot feelings for Miina. 

Our face approached each other, and until we kissed, I could do those all without even being conscious about it. 

Our connected emotions, before I knew it the distance between us was gone. 


Author: that movie is probably that famous movie i guess. (9: prolly referring to kimi no na wa or something other famous) 


Cat chapter 65 end

9: yay they are going to have a date

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